Music PR agency High Key Public Relations aims to make a lasting mark

Whether you are making a grand opening or a comeback, public relations needs to be a part of your plan and strategy.

That’s what India’s high-end music PR agency High Key Public Relations focuses on. “We know what it takes to create media attention for your music and have the right connections to get your music all over online media,” states its profile.

“Music is the only international language. It’s what we are and what we listen to. What a shame it would be if we can’t publicize it,” says the agency.

“If you’re looking for a music publicity firm in India, or a music publicist in Bollywood, to promote your upcoming release, we’re your go-to partner,” it adds.

Since music is a forever evolving industry in India, we hope High Key Public Relations and many more music PR agencies in India, keep surging ahead.


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