Shabana Azmi allegedly accuses alcohol delivery platform for cheating her

On Thursday, veteran actress Shabana Azmi accused an alcohol delivery platform of duping her. The actress took her official social media account and posted how she was conned by a digital platform.

Apparently, she ordered alcohol from a digital platform called Living Liquidz but she didn’t receive it. That’s why, she wanted to inform her followers about this so that they can be aware of this kind of scams.

On Thursday, she tweeted, “BEWARE I have been cheated by them. #Living Liquidz I paid upfront and when the ordered item didnt turn up they stopped picking up my calls.”

Azmi also shared the details of the transaction with the delivery platform.

But she didn’t mention the amount of the transaction and also whether she filed a complaint about the matter or not.

Some Twitter users in the comment section of the post informed that most of the phone numbers displayed on Google for alcohol delivery are fake and advised her to file a complaint against the platform.

Previously, various celebrities like Akshaye Khanna, Nargis Fakhri and Karan Singh Grover have fallen in the trap of online scams and this time, the 70 years old veteran actress.

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