Unique courses offered in India

What courses have you always heard of? Being an Indian, the typical thinking is sticking to doctor-engineer-MBA. The career choices now have widened and are interesting to make journeys an adventure. There are career options that have popped up and provide great career opportunities. We would like to list down some courses below which people don’t know much about.


Cartography is the art of making maps. The cartographer’s work is to design and draw the map. Those maps can be used for navigation, mountaineering, weather reports, railways lines construction. The cartographers make sure that users get up to date information.

This course is offered by the following universities:
• IIT, Mumbai
• Osmania University, Hyderabad
• Institute of Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing, Uttar Pradesh
• University of Madras


The art of puppetry was a lot, but with time it started gaining more recognition and appreciation. Previously, puppetry was used to teach kids about various stories. This entertainment is the oldest one and is a lit course to study. The artists who choose puppetry as their career gets paid as per their talent and performances. There is no fixed amount paid to them.

This course is offered by the following universities:
• Mumbai University
• Calcutta Puppet Theater


This is one of the most unique courses offered in India. If you are someone who loves spending time with grandparents and learning about them and their age, then this course is definitely something which will interest you. Gerontology is the study of aging. In this course, one may learn about various factors of the aged people, social, cultural, psychological, cognitive and biological aspects of aging. After learning this course, one can collaborate with old age homes and NGOs. Initially people may not earn much, but with experience people will.

This course is offered by the following universities:
• Institute of Home Economics, New Delhi
• Calcutta Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology
• Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)
• Ramnarain Ruia College, Mumbai


The study of human beings is called Anthropology. It is the study about how humans behave and societies in the past and present. The areas in which Anthropologists offer work are archaeological investigations, biological evolution, and other research areas.

This course is offered by the following universities:
• University of Allahabad
• Kurukshetra University
• Punjab University
• University of Delhi
• Utkal University, Odisha
• Dibrugarh University, Odisha

Bachelor of Rural Studies

City people always admire village life. For them, it is always fascinating to go to a village and click pictures of the villagers. If someone wants to learn and grow about the village, then this course is definitely for them. After getting a degree in rural studies, one can work for community development as a trending career option. The people who would choose this course can learn about animal husbandry, forestry, child development, community development and many other things in this course.

This course is offered by the following universities:
• Mansarovar Global University, Bhopal
• Bhavnagar University, Gujrat
• Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj University, Mumbai


When one wants to study elementary particles of light, photonics is the course one should opt for. It is a study of photons. The course teaches transmission, detection, techniques of emission and light modulation. This course is designed for people who are curious to learn new things in science. There is a high demand for photonics specialists in the field as they are less. After studying photonics, you can get a job as a scientist, professional officer, researcher and engineer.

This course is offered by the following universities:
• International School of Photonics, Cochin
• Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi
• Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI), Pilani
• Manipal Institute of Technology
• University of Science and Technology, Cochin

Public Health Entomology

Some insects are beautiful but extremely dangerous. Some people are fond of insects and are curious to learn about them. This is the course for the one who is an entomophile.

This course is offered by the following universities:
• Pondicherry University
• Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi

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